There is probably no second country in this world in possession of such a variety of music culture as Brazil. Indian people, Europeans and Africans left their traces. Depending on the region, very different styles developed having one thing in common: the peculiar swing that seduces people to dance! 

"Brazil is so rich in forms of musical expression that it could offer to the world - without ever repeating itself - a new form of dance or music, or a new rhythm, every year over the next centuries."

Claus Schreiner, 1985

The Afro-Brazilian dance has its origin in the preserved identity of the black Brazilian population and reflects elements from day-to-day live with strong notions of joy. Attachment to earth, closeness to God and nature find expression in ecstatic sentiments. Being a contemporary form of Brazilian folk dance, its roots go back to the dances and religion of African slaves in Brazil. 
Samba, Pagode, Lambada, Forro, Ax√© Music, Samba-Reggae, Capoeira etc.