"As long as gold and diamonds lie hidden inside the earth, they are of no use to anybody. The labour of man is digging them up and provides their valour. Looked at it in this way, it is the labourer bringing them forth." 

Mahatma Gandhi

My professional development started in early life. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil. At the age of 8 I wanted to become a pilot but to only fly planes would have bored me in the long run. So my plan was to work as a doctor at the same time and in my free time as a trucker to earn some additional money. Growing up, I realized that I would not be able to fulfill all my career aspirations at the same time.

During my high school days I obtained several roles in theater plays and noticed quickly that acting allowed me to slip in any personality I have dreamed of.  Thereupon I joined a theatre company for children at the age of 16 and my career as an artist began.

After finishing high school I had to make an important decision. I had the choice between my career as an actor and my studies in psychology, which my parents would have been happy about. Finally I decided to promote my talents by starting an apprenticeship as a professional ballet dancer 400 km away from home in Rio de Janeiro. There, I took part in several musicals and discovered that dancing was a universal language through which I wanted to communicate with the whole world from that moment on. With the Dance I travelled to many different cities in Brazil and then Latin America, Japan, Hong Kong, India and Europe.

One of my dreams was to live in India and to learn the traditional Indian temple dance.In 1985 this dream came true as I obtained a scholarship for Indian dance in New Delhi. 1989, I journeyed on to Germany where I gained further experience as a choreographer and a dance teacher as well as onstage. In 2001, I founded the agency for intercultural commitment in Wiesbaden. Since then I am also operating in art and cultural management.

Considering to train as a dance therapist, I had my first contact with this profession at an introductory class at the Langen Institute (21. and 22. of October in 1995) but I started my training in 2009 at Frankfurt Institute for dance therapy FITT e.V.

For emotional people like myself who rely on their intuition more then on long and factual considerations, dance therapy offers the opportunity to connect cognitive abilities with feelings, mind and deeper dimensions of the human soul.

At the beginning of my training in dance therapy I had to face many challenges. The most difficult one was to put my ‘mother tongue’ -dance- through which I had always expressed my feelings and thoughts, back into words.

The aspect of verbalization turned out to be one of the most fascinating themes for me. As I originate from a foreign cultural background, I observed and experienced the discrepancy in the communication of people from different cultures. This passion led me to the aim to get also involved in the subject of transcultural perspectives in the future.